Gentle nutrition

Nutrition is one of the building blocks of life. From newborns to seniors, everyone requires the right balance of nutrition to stay healthy and enjoy life to the fullest. At Hyproca Nutrition, we believe that healthy nutrition should not only provide essential nutrients, but should also deliver them in a gentle and effective way. That is why in Kabrita and its range of gentle goat milk nutritional products we combined our modern-day formulations with the natural benefits of easy to digest goat milk.

Modern-day formulations

Kabrita’s gentle goat milk products have been enhanced to ensure you and your little ones get all the nutrients you require. Our modern-day formulations are composed according to the latest nutritional insights and contain carefully selected ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and/or prebiotic fibers.

  • Vitamins
    Vitamins are needed to support a healthy growth and development. Goat milk is naturally rich in vitamin A, D, B1, B2 and B12. However, certain groups such as young children and pregnant women, require additional vitamins. Kabrita’s goat milk nutritional products have been enhanced to ensure these vitamins are available in optimal levels.
  • Minerals
    Minerals (just like vitamins) are needed by our body to support healthy growth and development. Goat milk is a natural source of calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc and iodine. But just like with vitamins, these minerals might not be sufficient for certain groups and that is why we added these additionally required minerals to Kabrita’s goat milk nutritional products as well.
  • Fatty acids (DHA & AA)
    DHA and AA are omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that support the natural growth and development of the brain and eyes. The body needs these healthy unsaturated fatty acids, but often does not produce sufficient quantities on its own. Breast milk naturally contains these fatty acids and they are also added to Kabrita goat milk formulas to ensure young children get a sufficient amount of them as well.

Gentle on the inside

All Kabrita products are made from high quality goat milk. One of the reasons that many favor goat milk over other alternatives is that goat milk is naturally easier to digest. It possesses a specific composition that allows the body’s digestive system to break down nutrients and absorb them more effectively. The easy digestibility of goat milk also helps to reduce digestive discomfort for those with cow milk intolerance..

It takes time for childrens’ digestive systems to fully develop, so Kabrita gives it support along the way. Kabrita goat milk formulas have been enhanced with additional ingredients to support the digestive system of babies and toddlers.

  • Added goat whey protein
    Milk naturally contains two types of protein, namely casein and whey. Of the two, whey protein are the easiest to break down. Breast milk naturally contains a relatively high amount of whey protein (around 60%) to support infants’ delicate digestive systems. Because goat milk (and cow milk) only contain about 20% whey protein, we add additional goat whey protein to Kabrita’s goat milk formulas to further improve its digestibility.